Top 5 Mobile Apps for Moving Renters

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Are you planning to move into a new home soon, but aren’t sure where you’d like to go? There are some things that you should be sure to consider about your new location before you commit. Think about what’s important to you—is it being close to a grocery store? Perhaps being right on a good walking trail or near a park for the kids? Maybe you’re more concerned about which school district you’ll land in and need information on the local public school system.

We came up with a list of 5 of the most helpful mobile apps for moving renters to use, in which you can check what’s going to be around you at your new home.

  1. This handy app/site helps users quickly find information about the neighborhood they’re thinking about relocating to. They have information on banks, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, hotels, shopping centers and variety of other tidbits.

  2. This app/site is invaluable in giving parents detailed information on the surrounding school systems. It is ranked by the standardized test scores, and also includes reviews from other parents.

  3. Curious about the crime activity in your soon-to-be stomping grounds? Take a look at this site/app to get an idea of how many and what kind of crimes are happening in your area.

  4. An avid exercise junkie? This site/app with show you what trails are around you (and everywhere else in the country) so that you can plan your new running path with ease. It also gives elevation, length, and difficulty.

  5. Are you in too much of a rush to get to all those pesky meetings to fill out your documentation before renting? This app will let you sign legal documents electronically and send them back to your new property manager.

Of course, there are other things to consider during your transition as well, such as how to look for and document damages to your apartment, how to assess your budget, and so forth. We hope this list will be helpful in finding the right neighborhood for you and your family.

Time to get renting!