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Rental Preparation and Maintenance: Before, During, and After Tenants

Owning a rental property can be a challenge. Even with the assistance of a property management company, you face a long list of responsibilities as a landlord. We like to split up landlord responsibilities into three distinct categories: before the tenant moves in, during the tenant’s time on your property, and after the tenant leaves. These three tiers of rental preparation and maintenance are key in keeping your tenants satisfied and preserving your sanity.

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Before Tenants Move In

The first and most important area of responsibility has everything to do with preparation. Now is the time to fix and shine the living space for the next tenant.

Remember, your number one goal should be to cut the vacancy loss factor to as little as possible—every month without a tenant is money lost. In light of this, consider preparation measures well in advance to the current tenants moving out. This way you already have a list of projects to begin right away.

Common Issues to Resolve Prior to Tenant Move In

First, inspect the living space for any water or odor damage. What may have seemed like minor spills to the tenant may have seeped into the floor and walls, breeding mold and mildew. The same goes for any occasional smoking. Even a few cigarettes, cigars, or pipes enjoyed inside can create ugly stains and a serious odor. These issues will stand out like a sore thumb to potential renters.

General handiwork might be needed as well. Check the faucets and appliances for leaks, make sure the electrical outlets are working, and check with the departing tenant to see if they are aware of anything that is functioning poorly.

Here are a few additional items that might be found on your to-do list:

  • Deep clean the carpets. This is always a good idea before opening the apartment to new tenants.
  • Inspect the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Look for any holes in the walls or ceiling that may need filling. If a fresh coat of paint is in order, consider hiring a professional.
  • Check that all doors, windows, locks, and blinds are functioning properly.

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During Tenant’s Stay

During a tenant’s stay in your rental space, maintenance is key. You must maintain all the basic habitability requirements, including electricity, water, and heat, as well as a clean and structurally sound building.

At North Pacific Property Management, we provide reliable property management services that help lighten the load. Whether you’re running a massive apartment building or renting out a single house, we have the resources to maintain comfortable and pleasing properties for your tenants, while at the same time retaining maximum profit for you, the landowner. Our goal is to keep you relaxed and your tenants satisfied throughout the renting experience.

After Tenants Move Out

The cycle continues. Tenants move in, they move on, and the preparation process begins once again. Fortunately, there are several ways to ease the process every time.

First, request a walk-through before your current tenant moves out. Keep an eye out for anything that might warrant a deduction from their security deposit.

Second, consider updating your lease to a higher rent level or to insert additional rental clauses. This will allow you to prevent any recurrence of issues faced with your previous tenants.

Reliable Property Management

North Pacific Property Management is ready to serve you and your tenants. We offer trustworthy services from experienced teams that treat your real estate like our very own. Our goal is to help you get the highest dollar value out of your property, all the while maintaining a healthy relationship with tenants.

From market and tenant screening to rent collection and everyday landlord headaches, we are dedicated to streamlining the rental process for everyone involved. For more information on our Seattle property management services, contact us at 206.781.5484 today.