Joshua Fant

Joshua Fant began his real estate career in 2000 using a small profit from his early music career to buy his first property which quickly expanded into a successful rental portfolio consisting of 10 properties. It’s his entrepreneurial, collaborative spirit that has made North Pacific Properties the Pacific Northwest real estate leader it is today. Through hard work, dedication, Joshua built the practice brick-by-brick with the lessons he learned managing his own properties and working as a mortgage broker. With more than 20 years of experience, Joshua has seen the Seattle-area market ebb and flow, and has been adept at riding the waves for the benefit of his clients and North Pacific Properties’ brokers. 

Above all, what Joshua is most proud of is building most is his team of experts to more than 160 brokers and 23 property managers, and growing. His experience showed him the importance of building strong, mutually-beneficial partnerships that lift up the industry and community as a whole. Joshua invests in each of his team members as if they’re a part of his family and builds a team that is dedicated to each other and their collective success. It’s no wonder that Puget Sound Business Journal named North Pacific Properties one of the 100 Fastest Growing Companies in the Puget Sound for six years, even in the midst of unexpected and unprecedented times in the industry. 

When Joshua isn’t thinking about ways to celebrate or grow his team, you may find him touring the world performing in one of his bands or honing is auto racing skills on one of the local race tracks. 

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