Puyallup is Pacific Northwest adventure at it’s finest. Located in Pierce County just southwest of Tacoma, Puyallup (pew-al-up) may have a unique name but it has a big heart. Surrounded by farmland and local businesses, this city is the best place to taste everything that our region has to offer from fresh produce to local ciders and beers. Home to the nation’s largest state fair, Puyallup celebrates it’s farming roots year-round. Go to the fair for Fischer’s fresh scones or watch the 4-H competitions. Roam through the daffodil fields for Daffodil Fest. Explore the outdoor sculpture park during Puyallup’s Art Walk, and wander down Meridian Street for pizza, pub fare, or farm-to-table eats. Puyallup – home of the best Pacific Northwest flavors.