Bridge in Seattle

The Economic Uptick and the Best Places to Live In the Seattle Area

Everyone knows that Seattle is the focal point of most Washington activity. With several major companies and employers established in Seattle property, easy access to the downtown area is in high demand.

But finding a comfortable and affordable place to live in the Seattle area can be tricky. Luckily, there are a number of wonderful residential homes and apartments located within range of Seattle, but far enough away to avoid the city’s expensive housing costs.

Railroad Draw Bridge in Ballard Locks Seattle1. Ballard

Located northwest of Seattle, Ballard was first settled by fishers and boatbuilders in 1853. While it still retains its rich history and active waterfront, Ballard is home to a plethora of great restaurants, and shops, and is infamous for lively cafes, bars, and local merchants.

Most major grocery stores, shopping centers, schools, libraries, and parks are within walking distance. Getting to Seattle is made easy by Ballard’s surplus of easily accessible transit stations.

While finding a place to rent might seem tricky, Seattle area property management companies are in the know when it comes to locating those ‘diamonds in the rough’.

2. Greenwood

Despite Greenwood’s dismal beginnings as a marshy, lonely landscape, the need for additional property on which to build the trolley line north of Seattle brought new developments to the area.

Now, Greenwood is home to a peaceful, bustling community of singles and small families. With a number of shops, banks, dental offices, hair salons, yoga studios, coffeehouses, eateries, a library, and a theatre, Greenwood is a quaint peaceful place to look for a new home.

3. Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill has become the center for Seattle’s young, single community. With close proximity to three other distinct neighborhoods and the University of Washington, Capitol Hill has a wide assortment of nightlife locations, shopping centers, art institutions, and coffee shops. Also home to some of Seattle’s largest events, like the Pride Parade and Block Party, this location is the home of many modern, forward-thinking movements.

The growing popularity of the Capitol Hill area for young businessmen, however, is causing a dearth in rental units and homes. Local real estate agencies or Seattle property management companies are the best bet for getting the professional help necessary to secure a home in this high-demand area.

Marina in Capital Hill Seattle4. Kirkland

Residents and visitors alike are amazed by Kirkland’s natural beauty. The area’s beautiful beaches and quiet atmosphere are the perfect solution to Seattle’s activity and bustle, with a peaceful downtown that trails along the upper edge of Lake Washington. Kirkland’s central location provides access to a number of major cities, including Seattle, Bellevue, and Redmond. Singles, couples, and families alike enjoy indulging in the area’s food, activities, entertainment, and accommodations. Real estate agents refer to this quiet, well-off neighborhood as the quiet little sister of Bellevue.

5. Columbia City

Columbia City is known for its unique community and emphasis on supporting small businesses. Most of the area’s activities and attractions are located in one concentrated area. Despite a fall in popularity after World War II, the neighborhood has picked itself up and started fresh with a new light railway, a city theatre, and a number of exciting bakeries and restaurants. The housing throughout Columbia City is surprisingly affordable, resulting in an increased demand from renters and buyers.

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