Homeowners working with a real estate agent for their Seattle home

7 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent For Your Seattle Property

Working in real estate can be a complex and confusing process, especially for property owners living in Seattle. Ultimately, all a renter or homeowner wants to see are some new tenants on the property and some payments rolling in. But there are a number of major hoops that must be jumped through before the currently vacant house or apartment is filled with new tenants.

Seattle real estate professionals

This is where real estate agents come in. Seattle real estate agents are trained and experienced individuals whose final job description is to help you sell or rent your Seattle property. They accomplish this goal by providing a variety of services and having a level of education that makes them a valuable asset as you attempt to market your property.

Here are 7 ways a Seattle real estate agent can help you successfully market your property.

1. Laws and Regulations

Many homeowners know very little about the rules and regulations that are involved in the housing market. By contrast, real estate agents are required to have extensive knowledge of the laws and procedures that surround property transactions. This knowledge makes them fully qualified to manage the marketing of your property, and they will be able to protect your property from violating any state or federal laws.

2. Area and Interest

A major part of finding suitable tenants for your property is knowing the kind of tenants that live in the area. Real estate agents have access to records and information regarding the neighborhood where your property is located and how best to market your home to others who fit within this demographic.

3. Pricing

There is a sweet spot between pricing too high where there is no interest and pricing so low that property owners don’t get their money’s worth. Real estate agents can help guide homeowners to find that sweet spot so that both tenant and property owners are satisfied with the final price.

4. Exposure

Not only do real estate agents have access to long lists of potential tenants that they can pull from, but they also know how to show and market your property in the most attractive fashion. Seattle real estate agents will know how to prepare your property to gain an extensive amount of tenant exposure within the first few weeks of the listing. This increases the chances of quickly finding suitable tenants that can move into or buy your vacant property.

5. Interface

Instead of coming directly to you, inquiries and showings regarding the property go directly to your agent. The process of marketing, showing, and closing a sale with new tenants or owners can be guided by the experience of a trained professional. Even after the sale is made, questions and and complications can surface, and a reliable real estate agent will be there to handle every detail.

6. Paperwork

Real estate agents can be hired to handle all the detailed paperwork. Real estate files can run inches thick, and a purchase agreement alone can be upwards of ten pages long. There are also federal and state disclosures that are mandated. Any error can have substantial consequences, so having it done right the first time by a trained agent is always ideal.

7. Information

As you work to market, sell, or rent your estate, you will run across problems you’re unsure how to solve and questions you may not be able to answer. The simple solution: talk to your agent. These educated individuals are equipped with a vast selection of resources and have detailed and indepth knowledge regarding the sale of real estate. Instead of spending your time having to learn what you don’t know, a real estate agent can provide you with answers in order to quickly and efficiently bring close a sale on your property.

At North Pacific Properties, our real estate agents are dedicated to helping Seattle property owners list and market their estate. Our agents also assist in finding and educating qualified tenants, and will only settle for rates that are ideal for both the tenant and the property owner. If you’re looking to sell some Seattle property, contact us today to learn more about your options.