10 Tips for Staging Your Home for Rent or Sale

Fixing the little things is a big part of the job. It doesn’t always require a complete remodel to make a home look ship shape. Understanding how to attract a buyer or renter is an important part of effective property management. As a part of your plans to sell or rent out your home, make use of these 10 tips on staging your home, and thus, make a better impression on your visitors.

living room staging

1. Wash or repaint grimy bathroom and kitchen walls

Grease and grime is a natural turn-off to buyers or renters. Make sure that the walls, especially in the bathroom and kitchen are cleaned well. If that grime won’t come off, repaint them. You will have far more luck inviting visitors into an all-around clean environment.

2. Re-stain worn kitchen cabinets

If you have scraped and worn kitchen cabinets, there’s no need to shell out dollars to buy new ones. Consider simply re-staining the cupboards and replacing the handles or knobs. A little spiffing up can go a long way to achieving a modern trendy look.


3. Fill hardware holes

If you’ve moved pictures, cabinets, whiteboards, or wall decorations, you most likely have numerous holes in your walls from hardware. Fill these and paint over them. First impressions are lasting impressions, and you want your visitor’s first impression to be the best it can be.

4. Paint over wall stains, nicks, and scratches

Over time moving desks, dressers, couches, and shelving, can cause your walls and corners can become quite dinged up. Fill and paint over these areas as needed. Restore your walls to their former glory!

5. Clean up any unpleasant pet odors

For those of us who own pets, it can be easy to forget the unique odor they leave behind that can be quite unpleasant to others. Remember to thoroughly air out your home and use air fresheners, candles, and other scent alleviating agents as necessary. Even consider having all of your carpets cleaned.

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6. Power-wash siding and walkways

Dirt stained sidewalks and mossy driveways are quite unwelcoming. Rent a pressure-washer and clean the sidewalks. Young teens often find this particularly fun. After strictly informing them to not blow off their toes, arm your young person with the power-washer hose and set them loose.

7. Mow, reseed, or sod your lawn as needed

On an initial impression, the condition of the lawn says a lot about the condition of the house. If the lawn is nicely mowed, neatly edged, and lushly green, it will undoubtedly enhance the curb appeal of your home and attract more buyers.

8. The master bedroom should appeal to both sexes

Even if it means putting away some of your lovely Victorian decorations and intricately crocheted doilies, your master bedroom should be as gender neutral as possible. Remember, both the man and the woman have to envision living in that space. In their decision-making process, they will remember the entire scene, not just the floorplan. You will win over both parties if you endeavor to have the master bedroom to appeal to both sexes.

9. Clean up all your clutter

“But it’s my style!” I hear you say. “It doesn’t matter,” is our reply. Although it may make your house feel like “home,” it won’t make the house feel like home to your buyer or renter. All of your collectables, stacks of papers, books, magazines, jars, binders, newspapers, and knick-knacks should be cleared away and out of sight. Moreover, less clutter makes the house feel bigger, which is quite appealing to a potential buyer or renter.

10. Open the closets

Please don’t respond to our tip to clean up all your clutter by stuffing it into your closets. It’s important to clean up your closets as well. Be ready for a potential buyer or renter to look inside, or, especially in bedrooms, leave the closet open for all to see.

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